Fast C14N XML canonicalization of big XML documents in PHP

Serialization is the process of turning a data structure in computer memory into a string. This string is usually then used for storing these data structures in some type of permanent storage. When needed, the string can be retrieved from storage and be converted back (unserialized) into the same data structure. One example use for […]

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The sorry state of server to server SSL

At Mollie, we publish open source payment modules to help our merchants start quickly with iDEAL payments. A merchant can just download the module from our Github repository, upload it to their web site and then configure it to start receiving iDEAL payments. Of course this means that our module has to run on a […]

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Hello there! My name is Willem Stuursma and I currently hold a position as a senior developer at Mollie, an online payment service provider in Amsterdam. I studied Human Machine Communcations at the University of Groningen, where I also earned a master’s degree in Psychology.

I used to work as a developer at Hyves in Amsterdam and at iWink in Groningen, and have been working as an intern at the Interactive Banking department of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam.

Feel free to browse around, leave a comment or visit my LinkedIn profile. If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email.


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